Our capabilities and expertise allow us to properly represent your business in the Middle East.

As our partner, your company would benefit by expanding your business in the region.


Our services include:

- Accurate assessment of market opportunities.

- Defining target markets.

- Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors.

- Generating multiple leads for maximum sales.

- Hard to reject formal proposal and sales presentations.

- Up-to-date account planning and performance monitoring.

- Proposition development and an integrated approach to campaign development.

- Continuous follow-up sales activity.


JasaraPharma is ready to get into the following forms of business partnerships:

- As an agency and/or distributor

- As a regional or scientific office base in order to serve our partners in the MENA region (including the Gulf States)

- Other business forms can be negotiated.

Our Cerifications:

- MOH license for a drugstore

- Tla’ El Ali district municipality license for a drugstore

- Chamber of Commerce membership

- Jordan Pharmaceutical Union membership